PROcise® LW Plasma Wand
Product: PROcise® LW Plasma Wand
Product Family: Coblation Products
Product Type: Plasma Wands
Related Procedures: Laryngeal Lesion Debulking
Catalog Number: EICA7070-01

The PROcise® LW Plasma Wand is designed for controlled removal of bulky, sessile laryngeal lesions. It provides ablation, coagulation, irrigation, and suction capabilities in one versatile single-use device.

Features of the PROcise LW Plasma Wand include:

Enhanced flat-screen active electrode configuration
  • Efficient bipolar ablation and coagulation during laryngeal surgical procedures
  • Reduced risk of airway fire compared to laser and traditional electrosurgical methods*
Long, low-profile malleable Wand shaft
  • Increased surgical field visualization
  • Adjustable to accommodate variable patient anatomy
  • Access to the anterior commissure of the larynx
Unique integrated saline irrigation and suction capabilities
  • Optimum saline delivery to active electrode regardless of Wand orientation
* Smith LP, Roy S. Operating room fires in otolaryngology: risk factors and prevention. Am J Otolaryngol. Article in press (Epub 2010 Apr 14).

* Roy S, Smith LP. Device-related risk of fire in oropharyngeal surgery: a mechanical model. Am J Otolaryngol. 2010 Sept;31(5):356-359. This article references preclinical non-human data. As such, results may not necessarily be the same in human procedures.

* Matt BH, Cottee LA. Reducing risk of fire in the operating room using Coblation technology. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2010 Sept;143(3):454-5.

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