ReFlex Ultra 55 Plasma Wand
Product: ReFlex Ultra® 55 Plasma Wand
Product Family: Coblation Products
Product Type: Plasma Wands
Related Procedures: Soft Palate Reduction
Catalog Number: EICA4855-01

The ReFlex Ultra® 55 Plasma Wand uses minimally invasive Coblation® technology to gently dissolve submucosal tissue at the molecular level while preserving the mucosal surface during soft palate reduction snoring treatment procedures. The device has a distal ablative electrode and a proximal thermal electrode that provide the dual therapy that is the hallmark of the ReFlex Ultra product line, resulting in immediate and sustained tissue reduction.

Features of the ReFlex Ultra 55 Plasma Wand include:

Distal ablative electrode and proximal thermal electrode configuration
  • Coblation-channeling® dual therapy for immediate tissue removal combined with thermal lesion creation
Insulated Wand shaft with 55 degree bend
  • Wand tip angle follows the curvature of the soft palate
  • Black shaft insulation serves as a depth marker during Wand tip insertion

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